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Employment Application (pdf)

Below are our employment opportunities.

CNC Machinist (Program/Setup/Operate)

Are you focused on continuous improvement, precision work, and able to work in a team environment? Are you responsible and looking for new opportunity! Consider working in our CNC mill and lathe machining center where you can make a difference. Three years experience minimum. Complete CNC program programming and setup experience required. G code knowledge is critical. Must be well-organized and reliable. Computer experience and knowledge of quality systems such as ISO9000 preferred.

To apply, please send your resume and answer these questions in your cover letter:

  1. A right triangle has legs (A and B) with dimensions of 3 inches and 4 inches respectively. What is the dimension of the hypotenuse (C)? Note: A² + B² = C² (A*A + B*B = C*C))
  2. What is the value of pi (p) to 2 decimal places?
  3. There are 25.4 mm to the inch. If a ruler is 254 mm long, is it shorter or longer than 9 inches?
  4. You have a micrometer that increases its count by 0.025 inch every revolution the handle is rotated. How many revolutions of the handle will be required to get to 0.500 inch if you start at 0.250 inch?

Please send your cover letter and resume to or 661-273-4240 (fax). Or, complete the pdf-format Employment Application.