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About SpaceAge Control

SpaceAge Control administrative offices

Company Information


  • air data products for water energy, wind energy, ground vehicle, and industrial applications
  • 3D displacement sensors for a broad range of applications that require small size, flexible mounting, ease of use, and, fast setup


The flexibility and high performance of our products allow for widespread applications including:

  • aerospace/aircraft
  • automotive
  • crash/impact testing
  • energy
  • entertainment
  • government
  • HVAC
  • hydraulics and pneumatics
  • industrial control/factory automation
  • maritime/naval
  • medical
  • mining
  • OEM equipment
  • oil & gas
  • rail and truck transportation
  • research & development
  • robotics
  • semiconductor
  • test & measurement
  • vehicle racing
  • water service and treatment


SpaceAge Control is the innovation leader in displacement measurement and non-aerospace air data measurement. Our technologies have solved problems for over 35 years. Innovations we have developed to solve customer measurement problems include:

Air Data Products

  • miniature pitot and pitot-static probes, air temperature sensors, static pressure ports, and angle of attack sensors
  • swivel head air data boom for enhanced high angle of attack pressure accuracy
  • mini air data boom for UAV, small aircraft, and race vehicles
  • trailing bomb for rotary wing applications
  • NACA-type air data boom for high-speed (Mach 2.3+) aircraft
  • 4-vane air data boom for enhanced airflow accuracy
  • hovervane for rotary wing aircraft
  • trailing cones for subsonic and supersonic aircraft

3D Displacement Sensors

  • originator of the miniature and subminiature string potentiometerv
  • smallest cable-type displacement sensor in the world
  • DirectConnect™ sensor installation eliminates backlash error
  • AccuTrak™ threaded drum ensures repeatability
  • RoundAbout™ cable exit allows dynamic 3D tracking and reduces installation time to seconds
  • patented universal base offers unparalled mounting flexibility
  • transducer-mounted idlers give 2D motion-tracking flexibility
  • man-rated, space-qualified, redundant sensors for the ultimate in reliability


We have 22 representatives in 27 countries.

Location and Contact Information

SpaceAge Control, Inc.
38850 20th Street East
Palmdale, CA 93550 USA
661-273-4240 (fax)


SpaceAge Control was established in 1968 to design, develop, and manufacture pilot protection devices in support of space-based and high-performance test aircraft programs. In 1970, the company was awarded a NASA contract to produce precision, small-format position transducers for aircraft flight control testing. The successful completion of this contract led to the development and production of a complete line of position transducers.

Through the 1970's and 1980's, virtually all U.S., Canadian, and European aerospace companies used the company's position transducers in their research, development, and test activities. Often, these products were designed and manufactured to custom specifications. As a result of these efforts, SpaceAge Control's quality system met MIL-Q-9858A and has since been modified to be compliant with the ISO 9001 quality standard.

In 1989, a single auto racing team began using these position transducers to monitor throttle movement and suspension travel. This use resulted in the adoption of the products in a broad range of auto test and measurement projects including anthropomorphic dummy instrumentation, impact testing, and control verification. SpaceAge Control has also leveraged its electro-mechanical core technologies to flight test air data products.

Today, SpaceAge Control products benefit over 900 customers in 20 industries and over 50 countries. Six of the world's seven largest auto manufacturing companies and the world's seven largest aircraft/aerospace companies make extensive use of SpaceAge Control products.

SpaceAge Control supplies stock, made-to-order, and engineered-to-order products. This allows us to meet the requirements of a broad range of requirements ranging from R&D to test & measurement to retrofit/replacement to OEM. Our flexible manufacturing system, in-house CNC operations, and willingness to develop specialty transducer products allow us to meet your precise design and business objectives.

Current capabilities include an ISO 9001 compliant quality system, 3D CAD modeling, full CNC and conventional machining, ERP-type management information system, automated testing, and NIST-traceable calibrations.

Our quality system undergoes regular audits by our customers and ourselves and has been found to be compliant with ISO 9001 and AS9000. We are an approved supplier in a broad range of industries. Larger customers for which we are an approved supplier include DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, BAE SYSTEMS, and The Boeing Company.

Company Information

CAGE Code 34851
NAIC Codes 334419 (transducers), 334511 (AOA sensors), 334513 (instruments)
SIC Codes 3825, 3829
Quality System ISO 9001 and AS 9000 compliant
Business Type Manufacturing
Legal Organization California S Corporation (formed 1968), privately owned
Resellers Permit Number SR ACA 13-620091
DUNS Number 05-146-4436
Representatives worldwide

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SpaceAge Control, Inc.
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38850 20th Street East • Palmdale, CA 93550 USA
661-273-3000 • Fax: 661-273-4240 • email@spaceagecontrol.com
Business hours: Mon-Thu, 06:30 to 17:00 (Pacific time)
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