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2005 DARPA Grand Challenge -- Position Transducers Galore!

Are you a qualified 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge team? You can be approved to receive 2 "certified pre-owned" position transducers for free and 2 additional "certified pre-owned" position transducers for a 50% discount. In return, SpaceAge Control requires you to provide a copy of a project report, test report, analysis, or other documentation describing the use of the position transducer(s).

The 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge Position Transduder Program is limited to 15 teams. All Applications are subject to approval by SpaceAge Control at its sole discretion.

To apply, complete and submit the Application below. We will respond within 2 business days.

Application for 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge Position Transducer Program

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First Name
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Organization or Team Name
Shipping Address
Postal/Zip Code
E-Mail Address
Cable-Type Position Transducers Required

Vehicle Type
How will the position transducers be used? Provide specific details.
What type of documentation will be provided to SpaceAge Control by 1 May 2005?
Date transducer(s) will be required
Expected purchase method (if Units 3 and 4 are requested) P.O. Credit Card Check Other
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  • Supply of position transducers is limited.
  • "Certified pre-owned" position transducers may contain previously used components. SpaceAge Control's standard 1-year warranty will apply to these units.
  • This form must be completed in full.
  • This offer expires 01 October 2005.

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