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ASEE Educational Transducer Program

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited college or university? You may qualify for our ASEE Educational Transducer Program. Our ASEE Educational Transducer Program provides qualified students with a loaner position transducer to be used for up to 6 months and, if required by the project, a 50% discount on three additional position transducers. In return, SpaceAge Control requires you to provide a copy of your project report, thesis, or other documentation describing the use of the position transducer.

The loaner position transducer must either be returned or purchased.

The ASEE Educational Transducer Program is limited to 25 projects at a time. All Applications are subject to approval by SpaceAge Control at its sole discretion.

If your project requires SpaceAge Control position transducers and you would like to apply for our Educational Transducer Program, complete and submit the Application below. We will respond within 2 business days.

Application for ASEE Educational Transducer Program

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First Name
Last Name
Shipping Address
Postal/Zip Code
E-Mail Address
Degree Being Pursued
Course Name
Project/Thesis Name
Instructor/Professor Name and Phone Number
Project/Thesis Purpose
Position Transducers Required

How will the position transducers be used? Provide specific details.
What type of documentation will be provided to SpaceAge Control at the end of the project or thesis?
Date transducer(s) will be required
Date loaner transducer to be returned
Date documentation to be delivered
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