We have provided the cross reference below to assist you in selecting SpaceAge Control products that are compatible replacements for other products. For more information or pricing may contact us by phone (661-273-3000), fax (661-273-4240), e-mail, or via a representative.

The SpaceAge Control replacement for the TURCK Inc. USA - Kubler Draw wire encoder 5802 integrated can be found at http://spaceagecontrol.com/ptmain.htm.

T8.1106.02.41.0250, T8.1106.02.42.0250, T8.1106.02.43.0250, T8.1106.02.4W.0250, T8.1106.02.4Y.0250, T8.1106.02.81.0250, T8.1106.02.82.0250, T8.1106.02.83.0250, T8.1106.02.8W.0250, T8.1106.02.8Y.0250, T8.12A1.02.41.0250, T8.12A1.02.42.0250, T8.12A1.02.43.0250, T8.12A1.02.4W.0250, T8.12A1.02.4Y.0250, T8.12A1.02.81.0250, T8.12A1.02.82.0250, T8.12A1.02.83.0250, T8.12A1.02.8W.0250, T8.12A1.02.8Y.0250