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News Release: De-Iced Pitot and Pitot-Static Probes
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The 4207-XX pitot and pitot-static probes are offered in L and straight configurations for small- and mid-sized aircraft and UAVs (high-resolution graphic Δ).

4207 Pitot and Pitot-Static Probes for Small- and Mid-Sized Aircraft

Air data probes reduce mass, size, and power worries for avionics engineers.

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA USA -- Avionics engineers have less to worry about with the new 4207 pitot and pitot-static probes Δ from SpaceAge Control. Designed specifically for the unique needs of small- and mid-sized aircraft, the 4207 probes have low power requirements, small size, and low mass, all at an affordable price.

Today's smaller aircraft have much larger electrical power requirements due to increased avionics and other systems. But, smaller engines and space constraints cause avionics engineers to rigorously analyze the "power budget" for their systems. The 4207 probes significantly reduce the impact of air data systems on the aircraft's power budget.

In addition, smaller aircraft and UAVs have critical cost budget to adhere to. The 4207 product line was designed with affordability in mind.

"We are happy to have the first 4207 probes shipping to light jet and UAV users," said Ryan Beebe, Operations associate at SpaceAge Control. "These products literally take a huge load off of aircraft designers, both in terms of power requirements and mass reduction."

The product is also one of the first products to enter into qualification against the more demanding FAA TSO C16a requirement that increases de-icing requirements.

Key 4207 probe features include:

  • low power consumption: 55 Watts continuous for 4207-01 and similar (67% less current than AN-style probes)
  • low mass: as low as 0.24 lbs. (109 grams)
  • small size: 0.313 inch (7.9 mm) probe tip diameter
  • L and straight designs for fuselage, wing, nose, and tail mounting
  • specific models meet FAA TSO C16a requirements ("Electrically Heated Pitot and Pitot-Static Tubes")
  • proprietary total port severely restricts contaminants and water
  • proprietary high-output, regulated heater for full deicing (not only moisture clearing)
  • affordable

The 4207 probes are the first in a series of new air data products now available from SpaceAge Control. Other new products measure air temperature, angle of attack, and static air pressure.

Established in 1968, SpaceAge Control is an ISO9001:2000/AS9100B-compliant company leading the air data and displacement sensing industries with stock and engineered-to-order products. Located in Palmdale, California USA, SpaceAge Control's high-precision and durable products are used by over 200 companies spanning the globe including aircraft manufacturers, racing teams, vehicle manufacturers, and motion control-oriented OEMs.

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